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Need someone to show you the ropes of language learning?

Alongside years of linguistic immersion, my qualifications include:

  • A Level French

  • TEFL L5 (Online and Business English)

  • British Council and Volunteach Peru as a Language Assistant

  • BA in Modern Languages from Durham University 2020 (French and Spanish)

  • MA Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath 2021 (French and Spanish)

I'm an experienced linguist and tutor who can design a course suited to your needs:

  • Adults/children

  • Conversation practice

  • Grammar review

  • Exam preparation

  • Vocabulary enrichment

Advanced French conversation and Beginner Spanish are my specialities!

With years of language learning under my belt, I've the tricks of the trade to speed up the process and actually make it enjoyable! Even if I don't speak your language, we could do a short session on learning methods.

Languages are an art form. Let me show you how to speak them as such.

Contact me on:

WhatsApp +447702534375


for a free consultation

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